Upload Files for CNV Visualization

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File format

Data has to be submitted as tab-delimited .tsv segment files. An example file is being provided here.

While the header values are not being interpreted, the column order has to be followed:

  1. sample
    • please use only word characters, underscores, dashes
    • the sample value is used for splitting multi-sample files into their individual profiles
  2. chro
    • the reference chromosome
    • 1-22, X, Y (23 => X; 24 => Y)
  3. start
    • base positions according to the used reference genome
  4. end
    • as above
  5. mean
    • the value of the segment
    • 0-centered
    • segments not passing the calling thresholds (fallback 0.15, -0.15) are being filtered out
    • one can use dummy values (e.g. 1 for gains, -1 for losses)
  6. probes
    • the number of array probes, call bins in the segment
    • fallback filter removes
    • optional (no filter on empty values)