Cancer genome data @

The Progenetix database provides an overview of mutation data in cancer, with a focus on copy number abnormalities (CNV / CNA), for all types of human malignancies. The data is based on individual sample data of currently 145264 samples from 834 different cancer types (NCIt neoplasm classification)

Local CNV Frequencies

A typical use case on Progenetix is the search for local copy number aberrations - e.g. involving a gene - and the exploration of cancer types with these CNVs. The [ Search Page ] provides example use cases for designing queries. Results contain basic statistics as well as visualization and download options.

Cancer CNV Profiles

Frequency profiles of regional genomic gains and losses for all categories (diagnostic entity, publication, cohort ...) can be accessed through the respective Cancer Types pages with visualization and sample retrieval options. Below is a typical example of the aggregated CNV data in 2047 samples in Transitional Cell Carcinoma with the frequency of regional copy number gains (high level) and losses (high level) displayed for the 22 autosomes.

Cancer Genomics Publications

Through the [ Publications ] page Progenetix provides annotated references to research articles from cancer genome screening experiments (WGS, WES, aCGH, cCGH). The numbers of analyzed samples and possible availability in the Progenetix sample collection are indicated.